Thank you to all staff of Funese. That was a wonderful afternoon. Our students loved the shadow puppet show and Beijing opera mask making. So many of them told me that was one of the best incursions they ever had. Our AP and teachers also enjoyed the show.

Looking forward to cooperating with you again.

Mr. Wang
Mandarin Teacher
James Cook Primary


Our students thoroughly enjoyed the Chinese culture day organised by Funese. I would highly recommend Funese’s culture day events to all the schools that teach children Chinese because their classes are so engaging and unique.

– Mr. Zhu

Chinese teacher at Balwyn Primary School


“Pi Ying Xi” is a great representative of Chinese traditional culture. It was a great pleasure to have the team on board on our school’s “Harmony Day” and showcase the beauty of this traditional performance. Their approach is absolutely interesting and engaging. It is a real combination of traditional Chinese story-telling and the puppet theatre experience. Our students were fascinated by the great show the team put together!

– Miss Du

Multicultural Education Support Staff at Blackburn English Language School

Dear Ms Ding,

On behalf of the entire Trinity Grammar School community, please accept my grateful thanks for providing equipment for our Shadow Play at our Chinese New Year Festival. Our boys are all super excited about the event. THANK you so much for all your support.

Very best wishes

– Sue Felton

Director of Development and Community Relations at Trinity Grammar School


Dear Andrea,

It was such a breeze working with you and the Funese team, thank you so much for delivering such a phenomenal event last Sunday.

On behalf of the Museum marketing team we appreciate your dedication, hard work and professional practice and we are looking forward in working with you again in the near future.

Katrina Lin

Marketing and Communications Manager, Asia at Museums Victoria


I would like to totally second Katrina’s sentiments – it was an absolute pleasure working with you and your whole team on Sunday. I was so impressed with your hard work and the way you all engaged with the audience. It was such a fun day and I hope we can plan something similar again soon.

Alice Gibbons

Programs Officer at Immigration Museum


Thank you everyone at Funese for the education and encouragement. My kids enjoyed learning at Funese very much!

– Christina Tao


What an opportunity for my daughter to be able to learn the quintessence of Chinese culture! Jiajia, thank you for your meticulous class preparation! I give you a thumb up.

– Crystal Hu


On our way home after class, Scarlett ethusiatically told me about the story of the little lamb and she was so touched by the story that she cried while telling the story. It’s a wonderful story … After we got home, she helped me to carry things from the car, handed me slippers, then hurry to do her homework. She told me that she will never make mummy angry again! I was so surprised to see that a little lamb story can transform Scarlett to a sensible little lamb! 😀

– Joanne Bie


Thank you for creating such a wonderful platform for our kids. Our generation grew up in a spoon-feed education. I hope the next generation can study in a happy environment.

– Mao Ye