We are Melbourne’s first Chinese Culture experiencing centre. We have worked with many government and private schools in Melbourne to provide high quality authentic Chinese cultural events, incursion and excursion programs. We understand it’s essential to make learning fun. Our aim is to help students explore Chinese culture and expand their classroom learning with entertaining and engaging cultural activities and hands-on craftwork experiences. Chinese traditional culture is learnt in teamwork, drama play, visual arts and handicraft studies.

We have many exciting programs for you to choose from such as the Chinese Shadow Play performance; Chinese Orchestra performance; Chinese Fan dance; Peking opera, Chinese Painting/Calligraphy and etc. We could also tailor-make programs to suit your school and your students’ needs from a one-day whole-school cultural event to a one or few hours of incursion activities.
Book your next event with us, we will surely entertain and delight your students!


2019 St Michael’s Parish School Cultural Day

2019 Mid-autumn Chinese Ancient Cultural Festival

2019 Templestowe Valley School Culture Day

2019 Chinese New Year at Immigration Museum

2018 Good Shepherd Lutheran Primary School

2018 Balwyn Primary Culture Day

2018 Watsonia Heights Primary School

2017 Balwyn Primary Culture Day

2017 Blackburn English Language School Harmony Day

Balwyn North Primary School After School Care

Chinese Calligraphy

Peking Opera

Chinese Paper Cutting

Chinese Shadow Play

Chinese Painting

Chinese Play-Doh

Chinese Zodiac

Traditional Chinese Festival

Balwyn North Primary Assembly

Who is running Funese?

We are a group of talented and like-minded educators that are passionate about promoting the Chinese language and culture.